How to Grocery Shop for Weight Loss Success

Dr. Abby Campbell

Do you ever wander around your supermarket aimlessly? Forgetting what you need? Being distracted by the sights and smells? If you’re trying to lose weight by eating healthy, then you need to know how to grocery shop for weight loss success.

Shopping quickly and efficiently are the keys to staying on track with your diet. Following are five tips to help you become the pro shopper you’re meant to be. By having a goal in mind, you’ll save money and forego any temptations because you’ll be prepared for the week to come. Best of all, your success for weight loss will be boosted.

Grocery Shop Tip No. 1 – Keep a Shopping List

One of the worst things you could do when on a weight loss diet is making your shopping list on the way to the supermarket, or worse keeping a list in your head. You’re sure to forget some items and need to make another run to the store later in the day or week. However, a loss for time and hunger pangs may tempt you to eat foods that can sabotage your plan.

Instead of racing through your refrigerator and cupboards in your mind, keep a grocery list on your refrigerator so that you can write down what you need as foods are used up. You can also use your phone with apps like Cozi or Out of Milk to keep your shopping list. Then you can just take your list with you to the supermarket. Better yet, have a weekly meal plan and write down the foods needed to help you stick to that diet program.

Grocery Shop Tip No. 2 – Don’t Get Emotional

Usually, shoppers will hit the fresh produce and bakery first because these are the departments at the front of the store as you walk in. The sights and smells will tempt you to move a little slower as you investigate what is triggering your senses. Those beautiful waxed apples are pretty, but those mouth-watering chocolate cakes and freshly baked breads are not only pleasing to the eye. They smell like Heaven! By rousing your senses and emotions, you may even forget what you’re shopping for.

After all, who gets excited about broccoli, tomatoes, and raw chicken? Immediate gratification is a subliminal message sent by your local supermarket. It is a business designed to put you in a better mood so that you’ll buy more and more profits are made. Don’t get sucked in! Shopping aimlessly only wastes your time, and giving into temptation will disrupt your weight loss success.

Instead, don’t get emotional while you grocery shop. After entering the supermarket, quickly walk past the fresh produce and especially the bakery. After getting what you need from the back and middle of the store, end with the produce department.

Grocery Shop Tip No. 3 – Buy in Bundle

Having a well-stocked kitchen of good eats ensures that you will stay on track with your weight loss plan and not veer off to temptation. By purchasing in bulk, you save time and money. Eggs and meats are items that you can buy a lot of. Large packages of meat can be divided into smaller ones. Freezer bags can be handy for this.

Grocery Shop Tip No. 4 – Prep for the Week

Having food items ready to cook can speed up meal preparation time throughout the week. Go grocery shopping on your day off from work. When you get home from the supermarket, wash and chop your vegetables. Carrots, celery sticks, and onions are simple vegetables that can be chopped and stored in zip-lock bags. Portion out snacks, such as walnuts and almonds, in snack bags. To save you even more time, you can buy prepped foods at your supermarket’s salad bar. Meats can be grilled or cooked ahead of time as well. Having some or all of your foods ready ahead of time can save you time when you’re short on it or just too tired to cook.

Grocery Shop Tip No. 5 – Buddy Up

To keep you accountable, as well as make shopping more fun, buddy up with a friend when you grocery shop. You may even prep your foods together and exchange meals. Also, have your spouse and kids help you with the shopping, putting foods away, and prepping them. This will also help them to build healthy shopping habits.


Heeding a few shopping tips when you grocery shop will save you so much time and possibly some money. Best of all, it will help you succeed with your weight loss goals. Being efficient is the key to staying on track. Remember to keep a proper shopping list, don’t get emotional, buy in bundle, prep for the week, and buddy up to stay accountable. Most of all, just have fun!

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