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Grass fed cow ghee benefits for body weight loss

Obesity management is an all rounder program; diet is one of the components of this mission. Dieticians and health freaks always search for latest and efficient diet remedies to promote weight loss program with better output. Recent research on weight loss friendly foods have shown that grass fed cow ghee is an amazing food item that promotes healthy weight loss under certain terms and conditions.

Cow Ghee benefits for weight loss may seem weird to you at first hand because we are under the general impression that pure ghee in diet may attract more fats to accumulate in body. But in reality grass fed cow ghee helps in reducing unwanted body weight. Check here how it is done!

Ghee in diet: it will help in losing weight

Weight loss programs get successful when it is supported by proper diet, exercise, and suitable rest. Inclusion of healthy ingredients like good fats in diet will help you to control the bout of hunger pang and that abruptly reduces the calorie intake. Following the rule if you can include grass feed ghee in your diet, it will help you to shed off your unwanted body weight. However, ghee should be consumed in moderate quantity.

Ghee is enriched in amino acid

According to celebrity dietician Rujuta Diwekar, grass fed cow ghee is loaded with important amino acids, which helps in mobilizing the accumulated fat in body. Research says, amino acid helps in natural shrinking of the fat cells. If you think that you need to churn optimum result from diet, opt for adding moderate quantity of ghee in your diet, it will ease your task.

Conjugated linolenic acid advantages of grass fed cow ghee

Ghee is rich in conjugated linolenic acid content; it is a natural omega-6 fatty acid, which if consumed daily, not only supports in weight loss but also protects its consumers from carcinogenic diseases. This fatty acid plays a vital role in boosting lean body mass along with it ensures natural control on unwanted body fat.

Thus grass fed cow ghee helps in body weight management actively. How pure ghee helps in weight loss process

While most edible oils are predictable to hold up bodys digestive procedure, healthy fats in pure ghee can stimulate itself the digestive process. Its well known that better the digestion, the better will be the rate of nutritional absorption. Hence, consumers will get to enjoy the benefit of minimized fat gain!

However, there is a fine line of estimation to enjoy ghees goodness for diet advantage: people suffering from cardiac and obesity problem are recommended to stay away from pure ghee diet. But if you can maintain a healthy lifestyle or you practice regular work out and develop eating right habit, moderate consumption of pure ghee will make your fat loss goal more realizable.

How much is too much?

However, moderation is the best policy for staying healthy. Nutritionist Neha Chandna has advised that maximum 2 teaspoons of ghee should be consumed per day.

For enjoying optimum weight loss benefits, you should use best quality grass fed cow ghee.

Milkio traditional grass fed cow ghee is one such a quality ghee, which you can include in your diet plan if you want to reduce unwanted fats stored in your body. Any one can read more from here :

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Jhimli M
Jhimli M

@Dr. Abby Campbell Yes Dr. I am using this product .. personally .. and taste is Good , and obviously its very usefull for people who are doing KETO diet ..like me ..

Dr. Abby Campbell
Dr. Abby Campbell


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on grass-fed ghee, Jhimli. It is definitely a great source of dietary fat for any diet, especially for the ketogenic diet.

Jhimli M
Jhimli M

@DairyNewsIndia thanks for such comments


grass fed cow ghee helps in body weight management actively. Use Milkio Grass-fed ghee , best Cow ghee from New Zealand.

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