MJ Subramanian Loses More than 100 Pounds - Carnivore Diet Weight Loss Story

Please read MJ Subramanian's Carnivore Diet weight loss success story! MJ lost 102 pounds in a year as a Carnivore.

Go hard or go home is what they taught me. Go hard or don’t come home is what my mum taught me!" ~Manojkumar (MJ) Subramanian, Age 29, from Melbourne, Australia

Finding my motivation at the wrong side of the doctor's office!

I was once overweight at 126 kilos, or 278 pounds, as seen in the picture above on the left. My life was falling apart, and I was doing very poorly in both personal and career life. With my job, I was always calling in sick and not waking up on time to get to work. I was constantly fatigued and tired, and I was also upset that my career was not taking off.

Depression set in as my life became consumed with the biggest drug in the world called "SUGAR." I was drinking close to two to three litres of Coke per day, coupled with a heavy carb diet consisting mainly of rice, doughnuts, chocolate cake, or anything high in carbs and sugar. My health was deteriorating, and I was losing focus on everything.

My doctor told me that I may suffer from a heart attack by the age of 30 with the sugar-addicted lifestyle I was leading. He suggested I see an exercise physiologist and even recommended I consider gastric band surgery to help with weight loss. This procedure places a band around the upper part of the stomach to create a small pouch to hold and limit the amount of food that can be eaten by creating satiety (feeling full) after small amounts of food. However, this didn’t motivate me to lose weight whatsoever.

In 2016, I had a sports injury with a meniscus tear which is a common injury in which forceful twisting causes certain tissue in the knee to tear. My doctor said this problem only occurred because of me being overweight, as the kind of impact that I had should not have caused a torn meniscus. But, finally, he said something that finally moved me and made me want to change my life.

With that much weight on you, you will be tearing your life apart in a few years’ time."

That is when I decided that I would change my ways. After all, I had a good life to look forward to with a beautiful girlfriend and a really good circle of friends. Plus, I am young and passionate with most anything I do. I didn’t want to lose all the good things in my life. Though being passionate is a great quality, I had previously used it in the wrong way with eating all the wrong foods, including lots of sugar that just made me fat. I knew if I used my passion towards weight loss and health, I would be handsomely rewarded.

Going Extreme & Losing 67 Pounds

I searched the internet for healthy ways to lose weight. And, BAM! I found it! It was the latest weight loss sensation tied up in the word “KETO.” I desperately wanted to lose weight, and I was determined to get my life back with this new way of eating and lifestyle.

At first, my goal included extreme results, so I tried to do the quickest method to get into ketosis which was water fasting. Ketosis came quickly, and I dropped my first 30 kilos, or 66 pounds, with virtually no exercise and a strong commitment to this intense diet within a matter of weeks. I consistently did water fasting and would refeed every two or three days. I even fasted for two weeks at one point, the longest time period ever.

My first week with water fasting was hell, and I wanted to give up badly. Because I was so desperate to lose weight, I found the motivation to continue. My weight dropped from 126 kilos (278 pounds) to around 96 kilos (211 pounds) during the six to seven months on this extreme diet. However, I had become physically and mentally exhausted and bored.

Finding Diet Sustainability & Losing 24 More Pounds

Extended fasting was not sustainable for me, given my stringent routine and highly competitive career. I then jumped on the Keto bandwagon and rode on it for the next 8 months or so. I lost another 11 kilos (24 pounds) and got to an all-time low of 85 kilos (187 pounds) where I stalled. For five months, I stayed at this weight, but I still had body fat to lose. This is when I decided to take my diet to the next level as I discovered the amazing Carnivore Diet.

Making Breakthroughs on the Carnivore Diet

In December 2018, I began the Carnivore Diet and quickly lost five steady kilos (11 pounds). I also decided to increase my fitness level by working out more. I was weight lifting more than normal and required less time for recovery. My energy levels were through the roof! I was getting stronger, and my moods were greatly enhanced. I was able to concentrate better at work and started thinking like a Carnivore. Even with zero fiber intake, my digestion was at its best in years. With business, I was making aggressive decisions that were bringing in great profits because I could concentrate and think better. Needless to say, I am now a huge advocate of the Carnivore Diet and its many health benefits.

Linking My Passion with My Business

After having such great success with my health on the Carnivore Diet, several of my friends began messaging me on Facebook asking about my secret and what inspired me. At this stage, I was quite satisfied with my weight loss and wanted to help more people lose weight and gain their confidence back. However, my chosen career was not in fitness or nutrition. It was in finance, and I was running a successful company in Australia, Maz Capital, as a financial advisor.

Because I have a long history in the financial world, it would be difficult to transfer careers at this point. At a very young age, I understood complex finance, and I started trading shares online at the age of 13. I graduated with a degree in finance with honors and, at one stage thereafter, I pursued a doctorates in the same area with a full scholarship. Therefore, I really didn’t want to give up my career in finance for fitness. Yet, a big part of me still wanted to help people with their weight loss and health goals.

Then I had an aha moment! Why not link my passion of weight loss and health with my business in finance? So, that is what I did with the help of my business partner.

Establishing Health Economics

My company established health economics as one of its financial programs. This is a 12-month product called Finance and Fitness Program where we help people transform both their wealth and health.

One may ask how wealth and health are linked, and there are actually so many ways. A dedicated person on the Carnivore Diet can save a few hundred dollars on meals. Simple things like alcohol can be traded for a gym membership and save money. Not only that, a healthy and fit person will have better energy and concentration levels at work which increases productivity and chances for promotion (making more money). What could be better than that?

I am committed to my finance business, but I’m more passionate about health. My company has partnered with some of our local gyms and personal trainers to help deliver the ultimate transformation program to our clients. Below are a few of the benefits of our Finance and Fitness Program.

Though my health journey has just begun, I am excited about helping people change their spending and eating habits. If you’re in Australia and would like help in getting your wealth and health in order, please check out Maz Capital or call us on Whatsapp at +61488005435. You may also want to check out our social media pages at Facebook (@finfit120) or Instagram (#dangerouslypassionate).


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