Christine Esterlund Lost 121 Pounds – Carnivore Diet Weight Loss Story

Let Christine’s story motivate you. Her dedication to health led her to losing 121 pounds in just over a year.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop.” ~Christine Esterlund, Age 49, Levittown, Pennsylvania

For most of my entire life I have battled with my weight. I don't think I was ever thin except in my grade school days. No matter what I did to try and lose it, I never could. My highest weight was 311 pounds, and I accumulated most of it after I got married in 1995.

Soon after marriage, my husband and I wanted to have a child. However, I wasn't getting pregnant, nor was I having regular periods. This was the light-bulb that flickered and woke me up. I knew I had to try something to regulate my body and lose the weight, and that’s when I discovered the Atkins Diet.

I did lose some weight with the Atkins Diet which helped me to finally get pregnant. However, that wasn’t the end all. I had gained a lot of weight within the next few years which made me come to many realizations. I had to lose the weight and get healthy!

Embarrassed to Go Out in Public

Having my first child was a joyous time in life. However, I had gained all the weight back that I had lost prior to getting pregnant. Two years later, I had my second child. More weight piled on. I became so very depressed and never wanted to go out and do fun things.

My friends and family thought I had become anti-social, even though I really wasn't. I just didn't want to go out into public arenas because I was embarrassed. I even hated going out with family, especially to restaurants. Driving there, I would continually think and worry about fitting into a booth!

Up until six years ago, I never rode on an airplane. That was when my in-laws offered my family a generous gift by paying for a trip to Disney World. Though I love my family and wanted to make happy memories with them, my heart just sank! I had so much anxiety thinking about fitting in the tiny seats on the plane and then having to ask for a seat-belt extender. And much to my dismay, that is exactly what I did.

Diagnosed with High Blood Pressure

The extra weight I was carrying in my body hindered my whole life in so many aspects. Though I was depressed and unhappy with my weight gain, I didn’t expect to be diagnosed with high blood pressure. It was just a little over a year ago when my doctor prescribed medication for my new condition. Most likely, I had high blood pressure issues long before my diagnosis, but I was resistant to visiting my doctor.

I guess I was opposed to visiting with my doctor because I was afraid of being prescribed medication. For many years, I suffered with extremely bad migraines, as well as psoriasis, from medications that I took. After being prescribed blood pressure meds, it was time for me to start researching how to lose weight and get healthy.

The Keto Diet was something I had heard about previously and started studying about it. I listened to Dr. Ken Berry on YouTube videos. He is a family medicine doctor in Tennessee and very popular in teaching about the keto subject. He inspired me to actually do the Keto Diet, so I started in January 2018. My beginning weight was 311 pounds.

A few months later, I heard about a half dozen people talking about the new Carnivore Diet. That was very intriguing as the Carnivore Diet is a bit more extreme than the Keto Diet. It discards all carbohydrates and includes basically animal-based food products with water. It is currently one of the most popular diets because of its success rate for both weight loss and health.

So, I decided to switch from the Keto Diet to the Carnivore Diet. For the first few months, I was about 90 percent compliant. Then I went 100 percent full-blown Carnivore for the last quarter of 2018.

Boosted Weight Loss, Health & Emotions

Since January 2018 when I started the Keto & Carnivore Diet journey, I have lost a 121 pounds. I have never felt this good physically and emotionally! My migraines have totally disappeared, and I am no longer taking blood pressure medication. The psoriasis I had on both of my arms is completely gone. The inflammation in my body has totally disappeared. I am so much more outgoing and happy, and I feel like my life was given back to me.


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